Tom Daxon - Sicilian Wood EDP 50 ml

Tom Daxon - Sicilian Wood EDP 50 ml
Categories: Empowerment
Brand: Tom Daxon
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The scent is perfect for the woman who wants something other than the typical feminine scent, as well as for the man who wants to try a niche scent for the first time, as you will immediately recognize the ingredients. A scent of citrus grove warmed by the sun. The top note has a bubbly, hyper-real citrus that turns into a body note of seductive wood. The Sicilian Wood perfume differs from other citrus scents in that it is fresh and sensual at the same time. The citrus notes make the scent fresh and perfect for the summer and the wood notes make it warm enough to also be used in the winter.Notes:Lemon, tangerine, bergamot, cardamom, gaia tree, jasmine, lily of the valley, amber, cedar and sandalwood.