Track Connector - 50 Basis connectors

Track Connector - 50 Basis connectors
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Now you can get a lot more out of your BRIO, DUPLO and BioBUDDi with these track connectors!This set consists of 50 Basic TOY2 track connectors that you can use for a large construction project that you may be planning to start soon. You can also use these track connectors to complement any other TOY2 Track Connector set as well as to any train rail assembly you may have in your home. What’s even better is that you can now also connect your BRIO, BioBUDDi, DUPLO and other wooden train rails, and that way you can use the train rails you already have, instead of buying new ones.Saturday night is calling and you need to help your train-fascinated child connect train tracks so the game can really unfold!NOTE: Wooden rails and building blocks are not included in this set!Product info:Contains 50 Basic TOY2 Track ConnectorsCan be used for multi-layer constructionsCan be used in addition to the Starter, Basic and Allround packages from TOY2These track connectors connect DUPLO®, BioBUDDi and similarly with wooden train rails from BRIO®, Ikea, VIGA and others.Perfect for the long train trackAge: 4-8 years