Track Connector - Allround - Large

Track Connector - Allround - Large
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With Allround Large you can build in 2 or more levels and easily get over and around doorsteps etc. Perfect for getting started with smaller construction projects.Connects DUPLO®, BioBUDDi and similar with wooden train rails from BRIO®, Ikea and others.Contains 27 TOY2 Track Connectors (6 Base, 8 Straight, 8 Anchor, 2 Double Female, 2 Double Male and 1 Intersection). NOTE: Building blocks and wooden rails are not included.A small but powerful connection. All kids know and love both DUPLO® and BRIO®. Toys that we have played with for generations and that are still fun to build with. But have you tried playing with both at once? With the new Track Connectors you get small connectors with great value. Now you can connect the toys you already have and suddenly completely new opportunities arise for even cooler, wilder and more stable train tracks.Track Connectors not only create more play, it also helps you and your child cultivate creativity - together. Build exactly what you dream of both in height, length and with lots of hills and intersections along the course.Track Connectors ensures that you get more play with the toys you already own. That’s what mum and dad like: play more with the toys you already have. In addition to Track Connectors combining and adding new value to the existing toy classics that you probably already own, you can also add Track Connectors to the collection with a clear conscience. We have thought down to the last detail:We use recycled plastic, produce locally and hand pack Track Connectors in sustainable cardboard and bags. Track Connectors also has the statutory European CE certification, so you know that your child can play safely.