Transformers - Cyberverse Battle Call Officer Class - Optimus Prime (E8380)

Transformers - Cyberverse Battle Call Officer Class - Optimus Prime (E8380)
Categories: Adventure
Brand: Transformers
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Autobots, transform and drive! Jump into the Transformers universe, where the fearless Autobots fight the evil Decepticons. The leader of Autobots is the brave Optimus Prime in the animated series “Bumblebee: Cyberverse Adventures”, and now it is also possible to own the characters from the popular animated series so that the battle for Cybertron can continue. You can now buy the character from the animation series, Optimus Prime, and experience all of his unique powers and skills. Optimus Prime can transform from car to robot in 10 simple steps. The 10 steps are simple if the child is over 6 years old. The Transformer is voice activated, and Optimus Prime’s armor is activated when you make his battle cry, which allows you to really empathize with the battle for Cybertron with this toy. The Optimus Prime Transformers figure is the perfect gift for kids who are fans of the Transformers universe. Suitable for children over 6 years Height: about 25 cm