Uniq One - 2x All in One COCONUT Conditioning Shampoo 300 ml

Uniq One - 2x All in One COCONUT Conditioning Shampoo 300 ml
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Brand: Revlon
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Uniq One - All in One COCONUT Conditioning Shampoo cleans and treats the hair effectively but is also gentle on the hair and scalp. It adds moisture to all hair types and adds shine and volume. It maintains the moisture in the hair, so it does not become dry, and at the same time building and the prevention of damaged hairs.10 great effects on your hair:Wash your hair and scalp gentlyProtects and softens the scalpSilky feelingWill not weigh hairBooster hair’s natural shinePrevents swirls and frizzy hairThe hair becomes manageable and easier to styleMakes the hair strongerReduces damage to the hairPrevents split endsHow to use:Massage the shampoo into wet hairRinse thoroughly and repeat the treatment if necessaryBenefits:Gentle on scalp and hairRetains moistureSmells of coconutThe brand began its success back in the 1930’s where the company sold its products to beauty salons. REVLON contributed directly to the war by manufacturing first aid kits for the navy. At the end of the war REVLON began producing beauty care products.In the 1960’s REVLON laid the ground work for its highly successful international presence bringing the ‘‘American Look’’ to the rest of the world. Growth and innovation led the for REVLON. In global beauty and personal care REVLON is a top 20 player.