Vet Squad - Air Adventure (30238)

Vet Squad - Air Adventure (30238)
Categories: Adventure
Brand: Vet Squad
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Meet the Vet Squad: Ava, Emily, Yara and Robin – a sassy squad of intrepid explorers who are always ready to race to the rescue! Join this group of BFFs on their animal saving adventures as they use their extraordinary skills, knowledge and vet tech to care for all animals. Grab your vet-tech and discover their world as you race to the rescue to care for animals big and small. An injured animal needs rescuing so Robin heads off in her solocopter to save the day! Use the working winch and sling to air-lift the animal to or grab Robin’s kit box off the back of her copter to heal the poorly animals. Includes 1 x Solocopter with working winch, 1 x Articulated Robin accessory with headset, 1 x Pony, 1 x Mini Bucket & Sponge, 1 x Kit Box. For 4 years and up.