Vittorio - Classic Wash Bag Men + L'Oréal - Men Expert Barber Club Beard and Face Wash 200 ml & Styling Creme 50 ml

Vittorio - Classic Wash Bag Men + L'Oréal - Men Expert Barber Club Beard and Face Wash 200 ml & Styling Creme 50 ml
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Vittorio - Classic Wash Bag Men + L’Oréal - Men Expert Barber Club Beard and Face Wash 200 ml & Styling Creme 50 mlClassic and simple black men’s toiletry bag from Vittorio with an outer zipper pocket for the products you want to have at your fingertips. Inside the bag there are two open pockets and a zipper pocket that gives you great organizing opportunities of your products. High-quality nylon, in conjunction with the small Vittorio details, the finishing touch on a beautiful and classic toiletry bag. The bag is made of black nylon that can be easily wiped off with a damp cloth.Produkt Info:Classic and simple mens toiletry bagOne uter zipper pocket and three inner pocketsHigh qualityMade of nylonMeasures 27x17x13BarberClub Beard, Face and Hair 3-In-1 Wash from L’Oréal Men Expert is, as the name suggests, a 3-in-1 product. This wash can be used for both face, hair and beard. It cleans the beard cleanly for dirt, dandruff and bad odor, leaving the beard very soft. The skin is cleansed efficiently, but gentle and the hair is washed clean while the scalp is left with a comfortable feeling. L’Oreal But Expert BarberClub Beard and Face 3-In-1 Wash contains essential oils and is suitable for all hair types.Application:Foam up in the hair, on the face or in the beardRinse out with waterCan be used dailyBenefits:Delicious 3-in-1 cleansing product for men from L’OréalCleanses the beard free from dirt, dirt and bad odorCleanses effectively but gentle faceGives a soft beardWashes your hair cleanWith essential oilsExpert Barberclub Beard & Hair Styling Cream from L’Oreal Paris But is a beautiful styling cream that fits perfectly with the masculine man. Styling creams can be used in both hair and beard, where it adds a light and long lasting team and creates a nice definition. The cream is formulated with cedar oil, which provides both a beautiful, man-made fragrance and nutrition to the hair from the world’s cleanest raw material. It’s good for both a cheeky pussy look and the more sophisticated hairstyle. Its lightweight team allows you to restyle throughout the day and therefore always look sharp.Application:Warm the product into the handsDistribute in either hair or beardStyle as desiredUse if necessary a comb to the slippery hairstylePossibility of restylingBenefits:Nice styling creme from L’Oréal Men ExpertCan be used for both hair and beardProvides a lightweight and long-lasting teamCreates a nice definitionGives nutrition to the hairs