Woud - Pidestall Flowerpot Medium - Black (150204)

Woud - Pidestall Flowerpot Medium - Black (150204)
Brand: Woud
Size: M
149 GBP
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Pidestall Flowerpots is a series of plant boxes for indoor and outdoor use. The Pidestalls make it possible for you to create a green oasis were ever you vant, in our living room, in your garden on the balcony. The plant boxes can be used for herbs. Useful information about Woud Pidestall Flowerpot Small: Ø: 15 cm / H: 15 cm Medium: Ø: 40 cm / H: 35 cm Large: Ø: 40 cm / 55 cm Material: Designer: Emilie Stahl CarlsenWoudWoud offer a high range of quality furniture and interior design for your home.