American Crew - Daily Moisturizing Conditioner 250 ml

American Crew - Daily Moisturizing Conditioner 250 ml
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Brand: American Crew
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Conditioner from American Crew that is wonderfully refreshing and stimulating. It contains, among other things, rosemary and thyme extract, which maintains a healthy scalp and adds moisture to the hair. Its peppermint content stimulates blood circulation and has a refreshing, as well as cooling effect on the scalp. This conditioner is perfect for cooling down after a workout, where you can still sweat on the scalp after the bath. After applying American Crew Daily Conditioner, the hair will appear well-groomed, soft and fresh. It is suitable for all hair types.Application:Distribute an appropriate amount in hair and scalpMassage thoroughly into the scalpLet it work for 1 minuteRinse thoroughlyBenefits: Refreshing and stimulating conditioner from American CrewSoftens and nourishesFresh scent of peppermintSeems coolingRefreshes the hairGives a well-groomed hairSuitable for all hair types