Béaba - Thermometer 3 in 1

Béaba - Thermometer 3 in 1
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Brand: Beaba
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Now you can quickly measure your child’s or your own temperature with this practical 3-in-1 thermometer, which is intended for the forehead and ear.This infrared thermometer has three practical functions in one, as it can measure both the forehead and the ear, as well as measure the temperature of the bath water or the children’s room. It can be set to either adult or child mode, as fever can vary according to age, and that way you get a more accurate result. The thermometer is a contactless temperature gun, and it is therefore super fast to measure and read. With a quick click, you measure the temperature, and it makes it easy to measure even a sleeping baby. The thermometer has color codes that show red and green, depending on the result, as well as a warning alarm signal that tells if the child has a fever. It has an illuminated display with an LCD screen for both day and night reading.Product info:3-in-1 infrared thermometer from BéabaFor adults, children and babiesMeasures digitallyMeasures on forehead and earCan measure the temperature of the bath water, the children’s room, the baby food, etc.Contactless temperature control chairSuper fastMeasures the temperature with a single clickMeasures without close contactNo need to wake children or babies to measure the temperatureAdult and child conditionEasy to interpret the temperatureEasy to readRed and green color codeWarning alarmIlluminated with LCD screenDay and night reading