Babyliss - Bronze Shimmer 2200 Hair Dryer

Babyliss - Bronze Shimmer 2200 Hair Dryer
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Brand: BaByliss
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The Babyliss Bronze Shimmer 2200W Hair Dryer is incredibly efficient and, with its strong airflow, provides extra fast drying results. The blow dryer has a 2200W DC motor with extra power which makes it incredibly powerful. In addition, it is created with a nano-ceramic quartz heater, which ensures uniform drying. In addition, it has ION technology, which effectively eliminates static electricity, leaving your hair with a smooth and glossy surface. The hair dryer can be set in 2 different temperatures as well as blowing strengths, which allows you to adjust it exactly to your needs, as well as a button with cold air.Product info:2200WIon TechnologyDC-motor2 different heat and blowing strengthsProvides a smooth and glossy surfaceNano-ceramic quartz heaterProvides uniform dryingEliminates static electricityCold air functionHair dryer and diffuser included