Batiste - 3 x Dry Shampoo Damage Control 200 ml

Batiste - 3 x Dry Shampoo Damage Control 200 ml
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Brand: Batiste
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This dry shampoo from Batiste refreshes and strengthens the hair. With this set you get 3 x 200 ml. The dry shampoo gives new life to your hair between hair washes and makes it look fresh and clean. At the same time, it contains a groundbreaking formula with keratin that strengthens and protects it from damage from heat treatment. Pull the time between hair washes and get lots of structure and care for your hair - your hair will thank you! Application: Shake and spray from 20-30 cm Massage into the roots Brush the hair well through For maximum protection spray throughout the hair Advantage: Batiste Dry Shampoo Damage Control Set with 3 x 200 ml Works for all hair types Ideal for dry, damaged and heat damaged hair Gives your hair a fresh and clean look Provides structure and volume Protects and cares for the hair