Carrera - GO!!! Car - PAW Patrol - Ready Race Rescue - Marshall (20064176)

Carrera - GO!!! Car - PAW Patrol - Ready Race Rescue - Marshall (20064176)
Categories: Adventure
Brand: Carrera
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Start great dog adventures! Dog fun on the racetrack!The heroes from PAW Patrol are now making the racetrack safer and whizzing up and down in their emergency vehicles. As in the popular TV series, the little dogs are courageously and happily at work at Carrera. So dive with this very special Carrera GO !!! Enter the exciting and colorful world of Paw Patrol. Marshall and his friends always invite you to new adventures, so be there when they go on their latest rescue mission on your Carrera GO !!! Break open the racetrack. Fun and action for young racers aged 6 and over are guaranteed!Off to use!Marshall is there with his fancy fire truck when you are on the job together. The Dalmatian and you will show you how to go on a mission quickly and accurately. In exciting races against Chase and other friends, Marshall naturally gives even more gas, because this is about the winner’s podium in your own championship. His sleek, red speedster will bring you safely to your destination.