Deto Pomegranate Vinegar 500ml by Andrea Milano

Deto Pomegranate Vinegar 500ml by Andrea Milano
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This amazingly unique take on the traditional vinegar recipe from Andrea Milano uses pomegranate instead of grapes as a base ingredient. That means you get all the health benefits of vinegar – its ability to support blood sugar regulation after a meal - combined with the anti-oxidant properties of pomegranates.  And, of course, it’s fermented with Andrea Milano’s famous Mother of Vinegar to help boost the natural bacteria in the gut! Drink it on its own with still water, or mix it with some sparkling water so you can sparkle too!  

Pomegranate has become very popular in the last years thanks to its impressive antioxidative properties. This product is raw, unfiltered and unpasteurized which means that it is made at the best natural way from only organic pomegranate. Ideal as salad dressing, marinades and cold cocktails, even on an antioxidant-packed twist or any classic recipe that calls for vinegar.