Ricciarelli with Almonds 250g by Nannini

Ricciarelli with Almonds 250g by Nannini
Brand: Nannini
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Calling all almond lovers… Each bite of Nannini's almond ricciarelli takes you on a journey from delicate sweet crunch to fragrantly crumbly centre. Hailing from Siena, these exquisite Tuscan macarons are made to a recipe that's barely changed since the 14th century. Nannini simply use the best natural ingredients to create them, including beautiful almonds (both sweet and bitter) harvested from Italy's sun-kissed groves.

The almond-studded dough is hand rolled, then gently baked until fine cracks reveal the delicate aroma of the still-soft centre. Then, while still oven-warm, they're liberally dusted with powdered sugar to lend their unique texture a melt-in-the-mouth sweetness.