Eva Solo - Sukkulent Glass Vase Ø 21 cm - Transperant (568188)

Eva Solo - Sukkulent Glass Vase Ø 21 cm - Transperant (568188)
Brand: Eva Solo
Size: M
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Add vitality and life to your decor and create a completely unique look with this beautiful glass vase for your succulents. With this succulent glass vase from Eva Solo, you can grow your very own plant terrarium. The glass vase comes in two different sizes and is created for the popular succulents, which with the thick stems and juicy plant tissues bring lushness into the home. The plant terrarium not only adorns the home with green shades, but encourages calm and contemplation. The hardy plants that are easy to keep thrive optimally in the glass vase, and at the same time it is easy to keep an eye on when it is time for water. The glass vase can also be used for cut flowers. Useful information about Eva Solo Succulent Glass Vase: Sculptural glass vase for plants and flowers Dimensions: Diameter: 15 cm / H: 18 cm Material: Glass Many applications e.g. to plant terrarium The glass provides optimal growth conditions Easy to see when the plant needs to be watered