Filorga - Universal Cream 100 ml

Filorga - Universal Cream 100 ml
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Brand: Filorga
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Universal Cream from Filorga, is the optimal cream for all skin challenges. This universal cream can be used for the whole family. The cream provides moisture and protection while repairing and soothing the skin after just one application. Effective anti-inflammatory ingredients have an immediate relaxing and soothing effect on the skin. For face and body. Moisturizes and retains the moisture in your skin as well as prevents drying. Strengthens and protects the skin from external influences and makes it more resilient. Repair and protect and reduce inflammation of the skin.Application:Apply to cleansed skin morning or evening or as neededBenefits:Lovely universal cream from FilorgaCan be used for all skin challengesCan be used by the whole familyProvides moisture and protectionRepairs and soothesWorks from the first applicationPrevents skin from drying outStrengthens the skinMakes the skin more resilientReduces inflammation of the skin