Garnier - Ambre Solaire - Clear Protect Sun Spray 200ml - SPF 20

Garnier - Ambre Solaire - Clear Protect Sun Spray 200ml - SPF 20
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Brand: Garnier
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Ambre Solaire Clear Protect Spray SPF20 is a sun protection spray with SPF 20 protection. The spray isn’t sticky on the body and is quickly absorbed on the skin. The spray is waterproof and is moisturizing on the skin. Because of the practical spray function, the sunscreen is spread easily on the body. The Mexorylen in this cream protects effectively against both UVA and UVB rays, which is the rays that courses sunburning and early photoageing of the skin.Shake the bottle before use. Apply a decent amount evenly on the skin, let dry and repeat. Spread the product evenly on the skin in cirkel motions. Apply often new alyers, especially if you sweat or has bathed. Spray not directly to your face, but instead in the hands and then apply with the hands in the face. Application:Shake bottle well before useApply a while before you’re going into theCan easily be applied two times shortly after eachother for maximum protection Use every second hour, as long as your are exposed for the sunBenefits:Sun Spray with SPF 20 protectionMoisturizing and waterproof formulaQuickly absorbed in the skinEasy to spread all over the bodyDoesn’t give you a greasy feelingProtects against UVA and UVB rays