Gillette - 3 x Venus Oceana Disponsable Razors

Gillette - 3 x Venus Oceana Disponsable Razors
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Brand: Gillette
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Gillette’s scrapers are in a class of their own, especially the Gillette Simply Venus Oceana, which sets a whole new standard for disposable scrapers!Gillette scrapers have always been quality and gentle on the skin. The Simply Venus Oceana variant is even more unique, as the scraper, easier than ever before, slides over the skin, and performs the work efficiently and painlessly.The scrapers have a tiltable and rounded head as well as a good handle, which gives you much more control over the scraper and the work than before. The shaving heads have 3 sharp blades, which can effectively and quickly remove the smallest hairs. The scrapers ensure you a very soft, smooth and well-groomed skin, after shaving. Gillette Simply Venus Oceana prevents redness, irritation and other rashes associated with shaving.In addition, these scrapers are equipped with an indicator strip - this tells you when the scraper should be thrown out.Product info:Gillette Simply Venus Oceana 3 pack disposable scrapersHas 3 cuttersHas 2 indicator stripes on each sideGives the skin a close shave every timeLeaves skin soft, smooth and well-groomedPrevents redness and irritation of the skinThe set contains 3 pcs. scrapers