Good Luck Troll - Gjøl Trold 9 cm. - Chrome (92914)

Good Luck Troll - Gjøl Trold 9 cm. - Chrome (92914)
Brand: Lykketrold
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Now the troll doll has been relaunched in an anniversary edition that consists of 15 different trolls in 3 different sizes: 15 cm, 12 cm and 9 cm. The troll doll is designed in special ceramic with real sheepskin for hair, which can be styled and washed as the owner wishes. It comes in many colours: chrome, brass, bronze, black, grey, white, light blue and pink.The creator of the Troll Doll, Thomas Dam, was born in 1915 and comes from Gjøl, a little town by the Limfjord. The Troll Doll, also called Gjøl troll, is his best-known work that reached world fame in the 60’s. Why they are called “the good luck trolls”The Troll Doll is a symbol of luck. The Troll Doll was on board, when the first female pilot, Betty Miller, crossed the Pacific Ocean. Betty Miller was then invited for a meeting with the president J. F. Kennedy, and he asked her if it was lonely to fly so far. To that Betty Miller answered: “No, I had my troll with me”. The little troll is the perfect host gift, birthday or maternity gift that will bring luck to any home.Useful information about Lykketrold Gjøl TroldSize: 9 cm.Material: Special ceramic