IdHAIR - Mé2 Shampoo Colour 250 ml

IdHAIR - Mé2 Shampoo Colour 250 ml
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Brand: Id Hair
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Preserve your colored hair with this extraordinary shampoo from IdHair!Here you get the specially developed shampoo from IdHair, which aims to preserve your chemically treated hair. This is ideal for people who get their hair dyed, but whose hair color decreases already after 3-4 hair washes.The problem for people is that they do not know what to do, but luckily it is something we know all about now! This shampoo is just what you need in your everyday life if you have dyed your hair. This shampoo preserves your hair color, and ensures that your hair color is elegant and intense.In addition, you are also lucky that this unique shampoo contains glycerin, which ensures that your hair’s moisture balance is maintained. Thus, your hair also appears more beautiful, becomes more well-groomed and of course healthier.This shampoo guarantees that your hair always appears as if you had just come home from the hairdresser. It does not get better, does it?Application:The shampoo should be used on wet hairDistribute the shampoo in your wet hair and lather it up wellFeel free to repeat the process if necessaryRinse thoroughly with waterThe manufacturer recommends that you finish the process with a conditioner / conditionerBenefits:Color-preserving shampooAdds a lot of beautiful shine to your hairRetains a very elegant and intense colorMakes your hair appear as if you had just come from the hairdresserThe glycerin in the shampoo fills your hair with moistureHas a delicious and sweet scent