Poo~Pourri - Vanilla Mint Toilet Spray 59 ml

Poo~Pourri - Vanilla Mint Toilet Spray 59 ml
Categories: Empowerment
Brand: Poo~Pourri
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Get a nice smelling toilet with this toilet spray.This toilet spray makes your toilet smell better than most toilets. The toilet spray is an effective fragrance spray that gives the toilet a wonderful and fresh scent of mint and vanilla. Poo-Pourri Vanilla Mint Toilet Spray is made from natural ingredients that effectively counteract a bad-smelling toilet. Essential oils ensure a great scent, and the toilet spray comes in a fine packaging that can be pretty in any bathroom.Application:Shake well before use.Spray 4-6 times on the toilet water surface before going to the toilet.You can also spray the deodorant a few times high in the air if you go into a smelly toilet. Then a nice fresh scent fills the whole room.Advantage:Refreshing scent that can refresh the entire bathroomEasy to useMade exclusively from natural ingredientsExtremely convenient when you want to hide a smelly toilet