James Read - H2O Tan Mist Face 30 ml - Travelsize

James Read - H2O Tan Mist Face 30 ml - Travelsize
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Brand: James Read
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This is a transparent, water-based cooling mist that seems like the ultimate multi-tasker. It combines a fresh, mineral-filled formula with moisturizing skin care ingredients while providing a light touch of the finest glow, with self tan. This unique self tan mist can be used on all skin types. Moisturizes your skin lightly and does not contaminate the clothing. This is the perfect partner when you’re on the go.Application:Make sure your skin is clean and dry before getting startedKeep the pump approx. 15 cm from the face and evenly spread to cool and refresh the skinCan be used daily to build and maintain an even glow or applied every 2/3 day to boost the existing colorBenefits:Delicious and refreshing self tan mist from James ReadFresh and mineral-filled formulaContains moisturizing skin care ingredientsGives a light, beautiful glowCan be used on all skin typesDoes not transferEasy to use