Jean Paul Gaultier - Le Male Aftershave 125 ml

Jean Paul Gaultier - Le Male Aftershave 125 ml
Categories: Love and Romance
Brand: Jean Paul Gaultier
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If you love to stand out with a completely unique scent that seduces everyone around you, then grab Jean Paul Gaultier’s beautiful body and apply a delicious aftershave! Every time you apply the aftershave, you become a new man When you shave, without cutting a hole in yourself, of course, you must of course take care of your skin with a good aftershave, which also smells absolutely formidable! Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male aftershave has a characteristic scent due to the unique composition of essential oil, green mint and peppermint, which gives you a very intense freshness. The coin goes in and soothes your skin, which is very necessary for your skin as it is exposed to stress when shaving. Grab the beautiful body, with grace of course, and take care of yourself!