Jonathan Adler I Ether Curved Sofa

Jonathan Adler I Ether Curved Sofa
Color: Multi Color
Size: 236 cm W, 132 cm D, 61 cm H, Seat height: 43 cm,
4725 GBP
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Heaven Sent. A curved sofa announces to the world that you are on the varsity decorating squad. Airy yet edgy, our Ether Curved sofa is upholstered in heavenly Bergamo Azure velvet and perched on polished brass stiletto legs. More than a pretty seat, it’s also delightfully comfortable and elegantly scaled. Float it in the middle of your living room to anchor an organic furniture plan, or let it own that corner you haven’t figured out what to do with yet (it’s even petite enough to pop into your bedroom corner). Always surprising, always dreamy, and always just right.