Laura Mercier - Pure Canvas Blurring Primer

Laura Mercier - Pure Canvas Blurring Primer
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Brand: Laura Mercier
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Get a perfect base for your makeup with this wonderful primer created for you with oily and shiny skin. The primer from Laura Mercier is a perfect base for makeup, where it provides a uniform foundation. The silicone-free formula glides over the skin and creates a silky soft finish. The formula contains powerful microalgae and blurring powder that creates a matte look and helps absorb extra moisture. This can relieve rashes and blemishes on the face. The light and creamy formula allows your skin to breathe while giving it a lighter and smoother look. Pure Canvas Blurring Primer from Laura Mercier gives a youthful look. Application: Use after your day cream and before your makeup Apply with your fingertips or a foundation brush Advantage: Wonderful primer from Laura Mercier Made for oily skin Removes shiny skin Perfect base Silicone-free formula Glides over the surface of the skin Gives a silky look Absorb extra moisture in the skin Remedies outbreaks and spots Light and creamy formula The skin can breathe through the primer Leaves skin brighter and smoother Gives a youthful look