Limoncello Panettone 1kg by Sal De Riso

Limoncello Panettone 1kg by Sal De Riso
Brand: Sal De Riso
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Who hasn’t tried, or at least heard of, Limoncello these days? It’s one of Italy’s most famous liqueurs, hailing from the Amalfi Coast where delicious, zesty lemons grow in abundance. But you probably haven’t tried a traditional Limoncello Panettone filled with a limoncello cream. Oh, and did we say, the cake is liberally doused in limoncello too?

Half pudding, half cake, this is a sweet sensation that’ll get everyone talking.
Salvatore de Riso – or Sal to his friends – brings you a taste of the Amalfi coast just in time for Christmas. With two decades of experience making truly Italian deserts, he’s become famous for his inventive recipes that bring a touch of sweetness to the holiday season.

The best before date of this product is 31/01/2022