Mass Effect Legendary Edition

Mass Effect Legendary Edition
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Only one person can defend humanity against the greatest threat ever. Relive the legend of Commander Shepard in the critically acclaimed Mass Effect trilogy with Mass Effect™ Legendary Edition.Contains basic single-player content and DLC from Mass Effect, Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 3 as well as promotional weapons, armor and packs - and it’s all in a new and improved version optimized for 4K Ultra HD.RELIVE THE CINEMATIC SAGAMass Effect™ Legendary Edition includes single-player base content for all three games and over 40 DLC, with over 100 hours of content all connected in a single saga. Experience an amazingly rich and detailed universe in stunning visual detail.REFLECT ON YOUR CHOICESYour choices seamlessly travel from one game to the next. Each decision you make will control the outcome of every mission, every relationship, every battle – and even the fate of the galaxy itself.