OPI - Infinite Shine Prostay Primer Base Coat

OPI - Infinite Shine Prostay Primer Base Coat
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Brand: OPI
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This Infinite Shine Prostay Primer Base Coat from OPI, gives you the best base for your nail polish. Using this base coat prevents discoloration in the nail and gives you the most unique sticking power, so the nail paint color itself is more firm. Use this base coat to get the best results from your nail polish, durability and better shine.Application:Apply one coat of this Infinite Shine Prostay Primer Base CoatLet it dry Then you can apply any colored nail polishFor best results use an OPI nail polishBenefits:Infinite Shine Prostay Primer Base Coat from OPISuper good base for your nail polishPrevents discoloration of your nailsProvides the most optimum sticking powerProvides a good durability of your colored nail polishProvides a better shineEasy to useEasy to remove againOPIOPI is a brand known for its amazing colors and iconic names for the nail polishes. OPI is a leader in the professional nail industry, and dedicated to providing you with the highest quality and service.The OPI nail polishes are very special and complete all the way through. With these nail polishes you get a warm, lasting color at a budget-friendly price. At present OPI is available in over 100 countries. OPI’s products can also be used with conscience, for OPI focuses on CSR (corporate social responsibility) by integrating social and environmental measures and considerations into their business. This makes OPI focus and raise money for a number of charitable purposes.