Paper Mario Color Splash

Paper Mario Color Splash
Categories: Adventure
Brand: Nintendo
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The newest game in the Paper Mario series. Join Mario and the gang once again in an all-new adventure in restoring color to the world!On a dark stormy night, Mario finds Princess Peach and Toad at his door. Surprised, he lets them in and receives a mysterious letter. In the letter is a Toad drained of his colors. The stamp on the letter points to Prism Island and Mario and co. quickly head there on a boat, even traveling through a storm. Upon arriving, the town square is deserted and much of the color has been drained. Toad then heads off, while Mario and Peach soon met Huey, a mysterious 3D talking paint bucket. A scream is heard and Mario, Huey and Princess Peach quickly head over to the sound only to find a Slurp Guy draining the color from Toad. After Toad is returned to color and Huey is squeezed by Mario into a 2D object, they head off to find the culprit.