Philip B - Rejuvenating Oil 60 ml

Philip B - Rejuvenating Oil 60 ml
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Brand: Philip B
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Pave the way for luminous, dimensional, healthy-looking hair! The Rejuvenating Oil is packed with ultra-light essential oils, our legendary conditioning treatment sinks in instantly to transform even the driest, most porous hair, leaving it bouncy and gleaming. Unlike other oil treatments that coat the hair and weigh it down, Rejuvenating Oil sinks inside the hair shaft to plump it up from the inside out - giving the treatment an air-light feel. The oil prevents breakage and detoxes your scalp at the same time. See and feel the results of bouncy, healthy, soft, silky, shiny hair from your very first treatment.Application: Apply Rejuvenating Oil liberally to dry, unwashed hair, starting two inches from the roots, and work it in with your fingers down to the endsTo help the botanical moisture sink in quickly, warm your hair with a blow dryer for one to two minutesUse a clarifying shampoo to lift excess oil from hair shaftRinse wellCondition as usualUse on parched, damaged hair twice a week; on dry hair once a week; and on normal hair 1-4 times a monthFor a dehydrated scalp, use once or twice a week.Benefits:Restores hair’s strength, shine and elasticityDissolves scalp oils and product buildup for extra lift at the rootsContains a high concentration of natural oilsSinks inside the hair shaft