Pistachio Panettone by Pan Bacco 900g

Pistachio Panettone by Pan Bacco 900g
Brand: Bacco
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Try an indulgent twist on a Christmas classic with Bacco Pan Pistachio Panettone. This festive bread is filled with luscious pistachio cream which coats every slice with its subtle sweet flavour. Even better, it's also enrobed with rich chocolate and decorated with crushed pistachio nuts for added crunch. Each bite brings a mix of sweet and lightly savoury flavours. Like all panettone, it is crafted from pasta madre (aka 'mother dough'), a slow-rise sourdough for a light and chewy texture. Enjoy this decadent dessert with good friends and a dark roast espresso.

The best before date of this product is 04/02/2022