Playmobil - Sea Rescue: Kitesurfer rescue with boat (70144)

Playmobil - Sea Rescue: Kitesurfer rescue with boat (70144)
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Brand: Playmobil
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Kitesurfing is fun, but it can also be dangerous at times. The kitesurfer was hit by a wave and thrown off his board. Fortunately, the sea rescuer is not far away with his rubber dinghy and rushes to help. He quickly throws the life bag to the surfer and pulls him on board in no time. That just went well again. The play set contains two PLAYMOBIL figures, a rubber dinghy with an outboard motor, a wakeboard with a kite screen, a throwing rescue bag and many other extras. There is space for one person in the inflatable boat and it can be upgraded with a submersible motor.Playmobil is classic toys in good quality from Germany.The miniature worlds of Playmobil encourages children to imagine, invent and create. Creating worlds around their Playmobil friends, inventing characters and scenes, imagining how they interact and what happens next. Playmobil is excellent for solo play or for children to play together learning to co-operate and share.The Playmobil figures can bend, sit, stand, and turn their heads to make realistic role-play possible.Produced in the EU: Germany, Malta, Spain, Czech RepublicMade of ABS plasticUses the standards ISO 14001 Environmental Management and ISO 50001 Energy Management in production.Playmobil is seriously working on a more climate-friendly productionPlaymobil is seriously working to minimize environmental impacts and, in particular, commits itself to responsible management of the resources needed for the production process. Playmobil’s employees are trained in relation to environmental impact and responsible use of energy in relation to their work. Playmobil includes their suppliers and subcontractors in their environmental management concept, so they also handle the necessary resources carefully and exploit the potential for savings and recycling.