Rosendahl - Soft Sport LED Tablelamp Small - Olive Green (26270)

Rosendahl - Soft Sport LED Tablelamp Small - Olive Green (26270)
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Brand: Rosendahl
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Set the mood with this lovely lamp with a cozy and flickering glow reminiscent of a candle.The right lighting helps to create a cozy atmosphere in the home. With Rosendahl’s Soft Spot LED table lamps, you get a pleasant light that can be used on the living room table, the children’s room, in the hallway or right where you want a cozy and dim lighting. The LED lamp has a calm, flickering glow, and it is intended as an alternative to candles. The lamp casts a vibrant, organic and soft light, which instantly spreads coziness. You decide how much the lamp should shine, and the different colors of the spots provide a completely unique light source. Unlike a candle, the lamp switches off automatically after 6 hours - and you can therefore safely go to bed without switching it off.Useful information about Rosendahl Soft Spot LED Table Lamp:Dimensions: 9 x 6 cmMaterial: GlassDesigner: Maria BerntsenSeries: Soft SpotDifferent brightnessesAutomatic timer that turns off the light after 6 hoursIlluminates 15-18 hours at maximum brightness on one chargeCharged with USBCharging time 1 hour