SACHAJUAN - Anti Pollution Shampoo - 250 ml

SACHAJUAN - Anti Pollution Shampoo - 250 ml
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Deep cleansing treatment that gets rid of dirty and smelly hair and scalpSACHAJUAN Anti Pollution Shampoo is a fantastic deep cleansing shampoo for dirty and smelly hair. Three unique natural ingredients cleanse and protect the hair and scalp with a barrier that inhibits and prevents adhering pollution and odors. Odor is eliminated with a refreshing scent of lavender and pollution build-up from hard water as well as fading hair color is reduced. The hair and scalp are left well-groomed with a healthy result and appearance.Application:Apply to wet hair.Massage a small amount of the product into the hair and scalp.Allow 1-2 minutes to work in.Rinse thoroughly.Finish with SACHAJUAN Anti Pollution Conditioner for best results.Benefits:Lovely shampoo for dirty and smelly hair by SACHAJUAN.Inhibits and prevents persistent odor and pollution in the hair and scalp.Eliminates odors with a delicate scent of lavender.Creates a barrier on the hair and scalp that reduce mineral build-up and color fade from hard water.Keeps hair and scalp healthy.Leaves hair well-groomed.Easy and effective in use.Vegan.Cruelty free.Without parabens.