SACHAJUAN - Curl Conditioner - 250 ml

SACHAJUAN - Curl Conditioner - 250 ml
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Strengthen your curls with a gentle product that nourishes and preserves themSACHAJUAN Curl Conditioner is a wonderful conditioner that gently nourishes and defines curly hair. The unique Ocean Silk Technology and Curl Complex nourish the curls from the inside, which leaves them well-groomed and adds strength, elasticity and shine. Each curl is defined with a long-lasting effect that reduces frizz and repairs split ends with a silky smooth result.Application:Massage gently into curls, focusing on ends and tips.Comb through gently to properly distribute the product.Allow 1-2 minutes to work in.Rinse thoroughly.Benefits:Lovely conditioner for curly hair by SACHAJUAN.Increases the strength, elasticity and shine of the curls.Reduces frizz.Repairs split ends.Long-lasting effect.Unique Ocean Silk Curl Complex, which defines each curl.Unique Ocean Silk Technology that strengthens and ensures beautiful hair.Has an emollient effect.Nourishes the hair from the inside.Leaves hair well-groomed.Easy and effective in use.Vegan.Cruelty free.Without parabens.