Staedtler - Triplus Color, 40 pcs (323 SB40)

Staedtler - Triplus Color, 40 pcs (323 SB40)
Categories: Sketch books
Brand: Staedtler
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The end of dried-up pens and markers with Staedtler triplus color fibre-tip pen. When creativity is flowing along smoothly, it sometimes happens that pens or markers don’t get recapped right away. Staedtler’s innovative DRY SAFE ink technology makes it possible for our pens to lie uncapped for days at a time, without drying up. As such, the service life is increased considerably. For those who spend a lot of time writing or drawing, a comfortable writing feel is especially important. Staedtler triplus color fibre-tip pen has an ergonomic triangular barrel that relaxes strain on the hand and offers excellent writing comfort. - Fibre-tip pen in ergonomic triangular shape for relaxed and easy writing and colouring - Stable, pressure-resistant tip - DRY SAFE – can be left uncapped for days without drying up (Test ISO 554) - Ventilated cap conforming to ISO 11540 and BS 7272-1/2 - Water-based ink - Washes easily out of most textiles - Stand-up STAEDTLER box - PP barrel and cap guarantee long service life - Line width approx. 1.0 mm - Up to 40 brilliant colours