Sunflex - Pickleball / Paddleball (53507)

Sunflex - Pickleball / Paddleball (53507)
Categories: Empowerment, Sports
Brand: Sunflex
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Pickleball is 2 bat which is similar to what we know as paddleboard - a kind of mini tennis, with hard bat and a plastic ball. It is a dynamic game for young people and adults, where you can get sweat on your forehead. The game strengthens eye-hand coordination and simultaneous coordination of the legs. The game is from Sunflex Sport and is made of 7 layers of veneer and is water-repellent, and the holes on the ball slow down to 1/3, so it is easier to keep the game going and which makes it much more fun to play.Dimensions: 40 x 19 cmWeight: 504 gramsNets for convenient storage included.Sunflex PICKLEBALL promotes fitness and coordination for young and elder person. That is because this dynamic game with a little ball depends on the coordination of the eyes with the hands. The game is basically a mixture of tennis, table tennis and badminton. But sunflex PICKLEBALL can also easily be played without a net. The holes in the ball slow down the speed to a third of the speed of tennis balls. That’s why children as well as seniors benefit in particular. The set consists of two high quality water repellent rackets and 1 balls. The net packaging makes it easy to take for a trip.