Sylvanian Families - Lakeside Lodge (5450)

Sylvanian Families - Lakeside Lodge (5450)
Categories: Adventure
Brand: Sylvanian Families
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Lakeside Lodge is home to adventurous fun for all the Sylvanian families Cook at the wood-burning stove or sleep in the hammock. The roof has a secret slide that only baby figures can play on. Figures are not included.Sylvanian Families evergreen toy appeals to young children just making their first friends and older children about to start secondary school. Grow your Sylvanian Village and create your own unique Sylvanian World as your collection expands.Sylvanian Families let children craft their own stories, and helps them develop social skills and emotional intelligence through imaginative play. Sylvania is a sanctuary where everyone can be part of the family, letting children learn about relationships, including being kind to each other.