The Penguins Christmas Sweater - M

The Penguins Christmas Sweater - M
Brand: Made in china
Size: M
29 GBP
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Hurry up to buy this Christmas sweater before the ice has melted on the poles. A fun Christmas sweater that is sure to be a hit for the annual Christmas party.Climate change is a serious matter, but it was a little hard not to laugh when Villy Søvndal, former Danish foreign minister, had to explain to an international conference how devastating the consequences of climate change are for the world. The message was very moving, but the English pronunciation from the Danish Foreign Minister can only be categorized as “Danglish”." The ice is smelting at se pøules “, the foreign minister said.Now you can immortalize this important message by wearing it on a Christmas sweater so that everyone who attends the Christmas party also knows the message. In addition to the important message, the Christmas sweater also has penguins and 9 LED lights that create a cozy Christmas atmosphere.Information about Penguin Christmas Sweater with LED-lights and quoteThe penguin Christmas sweater is created in a unisex design. Can also be used by children.It is not recommended to wash the sweater, as the lights are sewn into the sweater, and therefore at your own risk if the sweater is washed.