Traditional Amaretti Barrel Tin 220g by Virginia

Traditional Amaretti Barrel Tin 220g by Virginia
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Brand: Virginia
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Impress your sweet-toothed friends and family with Virginia's Traditional Amaretti Barrel Tin. Perfect for gifting (or, let's face it, treating yourself) the gift box is filled with 220g of Virginia's famous soft amaretti biscuits. These bite-sized Italian macarons just burst with almond flavour and have the perfect balance of bitter and sweet nuttiness. Crunch through the crisp exterior into an airy and slightly chewy centre. It's a trick that never gets old. The amaretti's subtle sweetness and light texture makes them the perfect companion for an after-dinner espresso. Presented in a reusable mint-green canister adorned with Art Nouveau illustrations, it makes a decorative addition to any home long after the cookies are gone.