Vittorio - 2 Room Men Washbag + Beauté Pacifique Masculinity Day Creme for Men 100 ml & Facial Scrub 100 ml

Vittorio - 2 Room Men Washbag + Beauté Pacifique Masculinity Day Creme for Men 100 ml & Facial Scrub 100 ml
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Brand: Vittiorio
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Perfect set for the man who wants the best quality products. The set contains a beautiful toiletry bag with two compartments as well as Beauté Pacifique day cream and face scrub.Nice 2-compartment toiletry bag from Vittorio in great quality. The bag has an outer zippered pocket provides quick access to the products you want to have at your fingertips, whether it’s toothbrush, handkerchiefs or tweezers. The bag also has an inside zippered pocket. A toiletry bag with plenty of space and opportunity to organize toiletries when you are on the go so you’re always in control of your products. The bag is made of nice black nylon that can be easily wiped off with a damp cloth.Dimensions24.5 x 17 x 14 cmThis creme is ideal as a moisturizing creme for men. It adds a lot of moisture and maintains the natural moist in the skin. The creme contains Squalane, which quickly and effective penetrates the skin and gives it a natural softness. The creme has a strong moisturing effect and maintains the moist the whole day, because of its content of Hyaluronic acids. Beside this it contains Niacinamid and Sodium PCA, which ties extra moist to the skin, so you totally can avoid any dryness in the first layer of the skin. The creme is moisturing right away and gives your skin a fresh and masculine radiation and scent. Application:Use on clean and dry skinMassage the creme softly with the fingertipsUse every day in a thin layer, on face and neckAdjust the amount, so no excess creme will be leftIf your skin is feeling greasy, you have used to much creme Benefits:Moistures immediately - withput feeling greasySoftens the skin, without adding shineGives the skin a fresh masculine radiant and scentSuitable for all skin typesContains Hyaluronic acids, Niacinamid and SodiumThis Facial Scrub is a special and effective scrub-mask for men. The Scrub contains cellulose-perler, which exfoliates dead skincells of your skin. The Face scrub loosens mechanically redundant skincells and exfoliates the skin biologically, so the skin appears all fresh and clean. It is added Propolis and Rooibos, that fights the problems with acne skin. By using this facial scrub, your skin gets smooth and fine and gets a raised moisture content. It stimulates the blood circulation and opens clogged pores. Application:Make your skin wet and dampedMassage the crem gentle with the fingertips in circular movementsLeave on the skin in up to 20 minutesWash off with plenty of waterWhen the skin is dry, apply Masculinity Moisturizing Day Creme or Masculinity Anti-Age CremeBenefitsLeaves the skin with a smooth and fine surface and a raised moisture levelRemoves dead skin cellsIncreases the skin’s moisture levelStimulates the blood circulationOpens clogged poresSuitable for all skin types