Witt - Sousvide Cooker Smart Wifi - White

Witt - Sousvide Cooker Smart Wifi - White
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Brand: WITT
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Witt Sousvide Smart WifiSousvide is a cooking method where raw ingredients are cooked in a sealed plastic bag for a longer period of time and at lower temperatures than traditional cooking methods - typically between 45-85 ° C.With Witt easy sousvide or Witt smart sousvide with Wi-Fi, it is easy to achieve professional, super juicy results at home - every time.Fill a pot with water, place the bag of ingredients in the water and attach your Witt sous vide to the edge using the convenient clamp.Once you set the time and temperature, you can make something else and confidently leave it to Witt SousVide to cook your food to perfection - smooth, tender, juicy and flavorful.Specifications:Compact: Can be stored in a kitchen drawer.High power level. The 1000W allows it to quickly heat the water to the desired temperature.+/- 0.1 ° C. Among the most accurate sous vide circulators in the marketSilicone coating minimizes the risk of failure as lime has a harder time settling on the temperature gauge.Easy to clean.Easy-to-read LCD display. White text on black display makes it easy and quick to read in your kitchen environment.EAN: 5707582946980 / 77280001EAN: 5707582965967 / 77280004EUpowerplug