Xlash - Eyelash Serum 6 ml + Brow Tweezer

Xlash - Eyelash Serum 6 ml + Brow Tweezer
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Brand: Xlash
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Xlash Eyelash Serum is an amazing lash serum that gives you long lashes and a Brow Tweezer.The unique formula increases the growth of the lashes, both in volume and length. The product contains important minerals which have a promoting effect on cell renewal. This promotes growth.Application Used on clean lashes.Apply a thin line with the fine brush along the lash line on the upper lashesUsed once dailyUse this serum in the evening so that it can be allowed to work overnightAfter 2 months of use, it is then recommended to use it a few times a week.Benefits:Increases the growth of lashesProvides more volume, length and thicknessAdds nourishment and careXlash - Xbrow Perfect Brow Tweezers are fantastic light tweezers that help you find unwanted hair in a corner. This easy-to-use tweezers are made of high quality steel. This guarantees a longer service life and guarantees that you do not have to empty it. When pressed together, the tweezers have a soft tension calibration that removes even the smallest hair for a perfect, sharp result every time. An invaluable tool for anyone who pays attention to detail and wants to make your boiler as simple and accurate as possible.Product info:High quality steelLong lifeOffers perfect resultsSmooth calibrationGood handRemoves even the smallest hairCuts all hair out without cutting the hair