YOUNGBLOOD - Nourishing Cleansing Oil 192 ml

YOUNGBLOOD - Nourishing Cleansing Oil 192 ml
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Youngblood Nourishing Cleansing Oil - a cleansing and moisturizing cleansing oil! The perfect cleansing oil for makeup and other dirt Here you get a delicious all-in-one cleansing oil from Youngblood, which has been developed for the purpose of effectively cleansing the skin of dirt, dust, dandruff and makeup. At the same time, the oil is so unique that it also cleanses the skin’s pores and removes sebum. All this is done without damaging or drying out your skin, so do not worry about it. The oil’s formidable ingredients consist of some unique oils, which also improve the skin’s elasticity as well as reduce an uneven hyperpigmentation. In other words, this oil ensures you a youthful skin, which at the same time gets an absolutely stunningly beautiful glow that everyone will notice. Application: Pump out an even amount of oil - we recommend 2-4 pumps Spread the oil in your dry palms Then massage the oil into the dry skin of the face and neck To remove the oil, use a lukewarm cloth Advantage: The oil removes dirt, sebum and makeup The oil consists of oils of almond and safflower and grapefruit seeds Adds a lot of moisture to your skin Gives you a soft and well-groomed skin The oil reduces uneven hyperpigmentation Increases the elasticity of your skin Suitable for all skin types Without parabens, gluten, talc and mineral oils Vegan