ZENZ - Organic Cactus No. 18 Conditioner - 250 ml

ZENZ - Organic Cactus No. 18 Conditioner - 250 ml
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Brand: ZENZ
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If you are looking for an effective and fragrant conditioner, then you have come to the right place, because here is ZENZ No. 18 Cactus conditioner waiting on getting into your hair and work!Perfectly suitable for all hair types, this extraordinary conditioner gives you an all-important strength, care and moisture, which gives your hair a completely unique look and health.Although this conditioner is suitable for all hair types, it is specifically suitable for normal, dry and curly hair as well as dry scalp.When you apply this conditioner to your hair, your hair follicles are significantly strengthened, while the health of your hair is increased and the shine becomes visible. In addition, it also becomes significantly easier for you to style your hair as your hair becomes very smooth when you apply this unique conditioner.Application:Apply the conditioner to freshly washed hair while moistLet the conditioner work for 2-3 minutesThen rinse wellAdvantage:Adds moisture to your hairSuitable for all hair types - especially for normal and dry hair and scalpGives your hair strength and cares for it effectively - especially the hair folliclesGives your hair a shiny lookMake your hair easy to styleThe conditioner is packed with important minerals and vitaminsPreserves your hair colorGives your hair a wonderful scent of pineapple and fig cactusMakes your hair very smooth and therefore easy to styleCan also be used as a leave-in conditioner