ZENZ - Organic Oil Treatment No. 97 Pure - 1000 ml

ZENZ - Organic Oil Treatment No. 97 Pure - 1000 ml
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Versatile and caring oil from ZENZ - rich in vitamins and minerals, with a de-stressing effect and without perfume.The oil is made from organic cold-pressed avocado, apricot kernels and almond oil, and provides care and nourishment for both skin, hair and scalp. If you suffer from lifeless and dry hair, the oil can help strengthen the hair and care for the scalp. The oil also has a wonderful effect on your skin, which is left soothing and firming. As the oil is perfume-free, it is perfect for allergy sufferers, pregnant women and children, including red baby skin and cradle cap. Organic Oil Treatment is a multifunctional and sensual oil that can save everything from itchy scalp to dry skin on the face.Application:Hair:Let the oil sit for 10-20 minCan also be used as an oil cure overnightAlways remember to lather the hair up with soap before washing hairUse a few drops of oil in either dry or wet hair to protect the tips of the hairSkin:Used on dry or moisturized skinAllow the product to dry completely before applying makeupCan also be used makeup remover and face serumCradle cap:Add copious amounts of oil to the baby’s hair and work the product into the scalpLet the oil sit for approx. 30 minThe oil will dissolve the cradle cap, and can then be gently removed with a comb to cradle capAdvantage:ZENZ - Organic Oil Treatment No. 97 PureVersatile oilWith organic cold-pressed avocado, apricot oil and almond oilNourishes hair and skinIdeal for allergy sufferers and pregnant womenIdeal for red baby skin and treatment of cradle capWithout parfumeVegan