Béaba - Expresso Bib - Blue

Béaba - Expresso Bib - Blue
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Brand: Beaba
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A fast bottle warmer that fills bottles and small cans with hot water of approx. 30 seconds and you choose the temperature between 22 ° C or 37 ° C. It is a easy and fast way to prepare bottles, which can be done with one hand. The bottle warmer is perfect when the baby is hungry as the bottle can be ready in an instant. The top can be used as a water bath to heat already filled bottles. Simply place the filled bottle in the container and start the machine. The top can be removed and used as a compact and mobile heater on the go. Simply clean with a sponge and soapy water as well as a regular scaling of the machine with the BÉABA® cleaning product or white vinegar. The bottle warmer from Béaba, gives profits to parents of small children in everyday life.Product Info:Quick bottle warmer from BéabaFills bottles and cansReady in approx. 30 secondsSelects the temperature between 22 ° C or 37 ° CCan be handled with one handThe upper part can be used as a water bathCan be taken on the goEasy to clean