Beauté Pacifique - A-Vitamin Giftset

Beauté Pacifique - A-Vitamin Giftset
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Brand: Beauté Pacifique
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Lovely gift set from Beauté Pacifique, which contains three essential skincare products. The set contains a lovely night cream, a cleansing foam and a moisturizing mask.The lovely Night cream has an anti-aging effect and is therefore an indispensable daily aid for anyone over twenty-five who wants to repair and make the skin more resistant, as well as reduce and prevent signs of aging. The wonderful cleansing foam is a mild facial soap for all skin types. It strengthens the moisture deposits in the skin, gently exfoliates and counteracts oily and shiny skin. The moisturizing mask rebuilds and lifts the moisture level in the skin, leaving the skin soft and wonderful. The gift set from Beauté Pacifique is everything you need for your daily skin care routine.The set contains:Metamorphique Cream 50 mlCleansing foam 150 mlMoisture mask 20 ml