Hot Pepper Infused Olive Oil 200ml by Arké Olio

Hot Pepper Infused Olive Oil 200ml by Arké Olio
Brand: Arké Olio
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Sicily's famous spicy-sweet peperoncino chillies add a sunny capsicum kick to this fruity
olive oil. For those who like a bit of spice, but not a full-on fiery inferno, this infused oil
adds the perfect level of heat to pep-up you food.

Use to enliven simple garlic and parsley spaghetti, drizzle over crusted sea bass with
sautéed potatoes, anoint grilled prawns or seafood paellas, or simply add heat and
complexity to your favourite vegetables, salads, nibbles and dips.

Sicilian producer Arkè has been making some of the island's best olive oils for over
three generations. With their new Aromatizzati range, they bring together the most
quintessential Sicilian flavours by infusing their superior cold-pressed extra virgin oil
with 100% natural, locally grown herbs, fruits and spices. For the time-pressed food
lover, these oils are the ultimate in convenience without compromise.